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Chapter 011

Well, I had hoped to have this posted earlier, but here we go. Chapter 011: Grasping the opportunity is now up. Enjoy!

Volume 02, Chapter 010 and cast page

How time flies! It's been almost a week, and while it's been a bit of a modest week, there's already been a few watchers and favourites and stuff in various places.

So, now we continue on with the second volume, The Kurita incident, starting with Chapter 010: Stop. With this, there's also been another addition to the site - a cast page with slightly more information about the main trio. Also pictures of at least two of them! If you're new, I do not recommend reading this until you've read the posted chapters, as it might have spoilers otherwise - it's essentially meant to be that page at the start of each One Piece volume that presents characters and stuff, so the state of that page as of right now should be thought of as that page for volume two. I'm intending to update that page at least at the start of each volume (as far as that's necessary).


The voyage begins


Today, on May 14th 2016 (which, incidentally, is also my 30th birthday), One Piece: Pure Corruption goes live.

It's a One Piece fanfic with ambitions, that started life as a forum RP that never really managed to get off the ground. But I liked the characters, the settings, some of the plot arcs that had been considered.

So I started writing it on my own.

And now, after writes, rewrites, feedback, edits, a lot of back and forth and planning and site tinkering, the time to launch has finally arrived.

The story is divided into volumes, and today, the entire first volume in addition to a prologue is available for you to read. Nine full chapters, a total of slightly above twenty thousand words.

Also, while I don't want to give anyone the illusion that I'm going to maintain a highly rigid and consistent updating schedule, I can promise at least one and possibly two chapters of volume two already next week. With that, there'll be some more additions to the site, too.

If you have found your way here, I hope you will like the story.

And what better way to start than by jumping right into the Prologue?

My regards,
Sten Magnus "Kenny" von Goës Karlström