Rink Kazai

Age: 28
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Eye colour: Gray
Hair colour: Red-brown
Devil fruit: Sound Fruit
Likes: Music, drinking, cute things
Dislikes: Tea, traitors
Bounty: ฿12,000,000

A mysterious singer from West Blue with an adventurous past, but she appears unwilling to reveal much about herself. Doesn't let herself be pushed around. Lost her right eye in an incident a number of years ago. After some islandhopping without a goal in mind, she ended up in Avasine and stayed there for a year, working as a hotel singer. Also pretty good at cooking, but wouldn't call herself a cook. Likes drinking, but doesn't hold her liquor as well as she likes to pretend she does.

Character created by Sten Magnus von Goës Karlström
Portrait by David Cablk