Monthly Archives: August 2019

Things are settling down

And, again, things are me.

I've got my new apartment. There's still a lot to be done to make this into a home that I'll be completely comfortable in, but the computer is in place, internet's working, I have my Switch set up, and the kitchen is done enough that I can cook normally. Moving day was a complete disaster and one of the absolute worst days of my life, I will say that much - I was anxious about it and it still ended up a lot worse than I had ever imagined. But somehow, all the items made their way to the new building (except for a few I decided to just discard because it was probably time to replace them anyway), and things are slowly becoming better.

Week before that wasn't great either. I was away at a con, working karaoke as always, and I personally didn't have a fantastic time for several reasons. The actual karaoke was great - whenever I sang, I felt good, it was a lot of things surrounding it and the rest of the con that just made me not feel great. I'm too old to do cons like I used to.

On the flip side - I did get a lot written while at the con. So another chapter has now been sent off to proofreading, and the following one is at least more than halfway done. Still have other stuff to deal with - but publishing should actually finally resume shortly. Please be patient just a little longer.