Monthly Archives: July 2019

Another update on me…

So! I've got an apartment lined up. Not the one I mentioned in the previous update, but another one in the same area. It's a nice apartment. Big. Open. Bright. Nice kitchen.

And it makes me extremely worried. Or, well, anxious. A little scared.

Not the apartment as such. It's a good apartment. And I'm pretty sure I'll like living there. Once I've settled in. Which is the entire thing, really - moving to another apartment is going to literally be the biggest change in my life since I moved into the apartment I'm moving away from, which I've lived in for over ten years. So of course I'm anxious - every routine I've made for myself, everything I've gotten used to in all my years of living here - practically all of it will get discarded and I'm going to have to start figuring out new ones. I'm sure it'll all be good once I've done that, but... it's probably perfectly natural for me to worry about it right now. I do have this tendency to worry that things are going to end up being "wrong", that I've made the wrong decision. At the same time, this is absolutely the best apartment I could get under the circumstances, and it is a good one. More central location.

So anyway.

Being anxious over that hasn't exactly been to the benefit of my writing, as I find myself less able to concentrate because of it. I'm certain it's going to turn out alright in the end, but I can't just magically become not anxious. Next week will be a lot of preparations (though most of it's prepared already, as I've mentioned in the past - the majority of my possessions are in boxes and furniture that could be disassembled has been disassembled), and the week after that I'm actually heading off to a con. I definitely need that break. And when I come back home, it'll be moving time, though I don't know yet exactly the date that's going to happen. I've got some phonecalls to make.

And once I'm in my new place, with the computer and router all set up, I can start building anew, and then I will absolutely be more able to get things written. I hope. Also got that part where I need a job, but, y'know...