People of Gondol

Aniara Miman
Rink's best friend and former girlfriend. Ended up marrying Harry, which led to Rink leaving Gondol. Was killed by an unidentified bear zoan during an attack on the mayor's manor.

Cornelius Wrejk
Rink's father. A farmer and musician.

Sonya Kazai
Rink's mother. A baker.

Jack Kazai
Rink's older brother.

Harry Martinson
The current mayor of Gondol and Aniara's husband. His father was mayor before him.

Wilhelm Mober
Together with his wife Selma, the current owner and keeper of Gondol's only inn, the Painted Dove. A relative of Rink, but not a close enough relative for them to remember the exact relation.

Helga Gregori
One of Gondol's doctors, working at the Doctor Glass clinic.

Gondol's senior shipwright.

Hans's apprentice. A shipwright in training.

A skilled tailor with some peculiar mannerisms. Jack Kazai was his apprentice before he left Gondol.