Monthly Archives: October 2016

The good news is that Chapter 025 is here…

...the bad news is that I'm officially no longer going to stay on a consistent updating schedule.

But first things first - Chapter 025: W4 (which is probably going to stay the shortest chapter title for qute a while) is up for your reading pleasure, so please go ahead and read it.

And then there's the matter of the updates. I really wanted to stick to weekly updates. I really, really did. Even had a certain day of the week to do it too. But I have significantly less free time now than I used to, and I do have other things I want to do with my spare time as well. So from now on, new chapters will be released on a strict "when it's done (and has been proofread)" basis. We're officially past the halfway point of this volume, anyway, and I hope you want to stick around anyway!

A potential (shorter) delay

Right, so the chapter is finished and in the hands of my proofreader so I'm just waiting for comments from him - being in different time zones however means there's a chance I won't have it completely done until tomorrow. Won't be a week wait this time, at least.

UPDATE: Have not received comments yet. Might not be until Monday. Sorry. Just so we're clear on this, the only one I'm blaming is myself since I didn't get the chapter done in time.