Pua tribe

Noandi Emaku
Muse's assigned partner from Puamoku before she disappeared. Was affected harshly by her disappearence, and expressed disapproval of her exile.

Soredi Addoma
Muse and Emaku's instructor. One of the few who encouraged Muse's inventiveness. Did not agree with the decision to exile Muse from Puamoku.

Noredi-Kai Malaho
Chief of the Pua tribe. An old man, stubbornly set in the old ways, believing the traditional way to be the only way. Approved of Muse's skills with the bow, but not her innovations. Was the one who ultimately made the call to exile her from the tribe.

Soandi Yosen
Muse's father. A believer in the traditional ways, but tolerated Muse's inventions. Was disappointed by how his daughter had changed when she returned to Puamoku and never protested the decision to exile her.

Noreva Sakea
Muse's mother, and was even less thrilled with how she had changed than Yosen. Considered her daughter already lost, and supported the decision to exile her.