ONE - The official Japanese website for One Piece.

Kaizoku-Fansubs forum - Where Pure Corruption was born. The site, however, seems to be dead and gone. RIP K-F. The link will remain for its historic value, and who knows, the site might revive some day.

The Next Era Network - Next Era was the big writing/fanfiction/comic project I was part of before Pure Corruption, but it's inactive these days. It was never officially declared over, but pretty much everyone involved has moved on to other things, even if the main artist still draws the occasional picture relating to it. Most of the writings I have on dA are over at NE as well and are better read there.

My deviantART page - You can find some old writings (all of which except one have their own dedicated space, mentioned above) and ancient photos there, but other than that I've not been very active on dA so there's not a lot of interesting stuff there. But I do post Pure Corruption there as well now, so it's another way you can contact me and comment. Or watch me for updates.

My page - Pure Corruption is the only thing on there and I really can't recommend reading it over there since the layout is much worse and the text editor makes me want to stab myself. But I found a way to put it there and not have it look like complete shit, so since it's the big fanfiction site it's on there to try to get some more readers. And I do guess you can go there and leave a public review or something.

SoulSilver: Apocalypse Johto - A pretty cool Pokémon Nuzlocke comic by good friend SABERinBLUE.