…and then failed to hit my next goal

Well, I'm extremely ashamed to say there's no chapter to publish on today's anniversary. The chapter progess page is back in action, and it does look a bit dire, but it doesn't really tell the full story, because the next chapter isn't going to be one of the very long ones, and I don't think the following two are either. The most immediate one doesn't actually feel that far from being done and I have a very clear plan for the following one, and parts of the rest of the volume. Some dots remain to connect because I have arcs planned out and then when I reach them I find I need to figure out more things than I thought.

There are some other things that I do hope I'll be posting about rather soon, hopefully before the end of the month. I am also going to very much try to get the chapter published or at the absolute very least in proofreading before next month too. I don't even know how it didn't get finished. Well—partly I guess I do know. I can be easily distracted sometimes. And as I've mentioned before, the main crux is that Pure Corruption is a hobby project I make no money on, and so has to compete for my free time with other hobbies that also don't make me any money.

Ugh, I shouldn't be making excuses. I am in no way going to give up on Pure Corruption. I just need to get my priorities straight sometimes.

Plus I guess at least I'm making sure I don't stress out the chapters. That wouldn't work well.

So here's to another year.


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