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Rink's Sake
(you can smack SABERinBLUE for that pun)

In the original version of Chapter 002: The singer at the Veranda Hotel, the first song Rink sung was an English translation of Bink's Sake (I swear the similarity of the names is a coincidence though). I did admit it seemed like a bit of a copout, and good friend/proofreader/"editor" Saber argued it was an unusable song given how incredibly overused it was in the anime. As I had dropped the anime before then (in favour of the manga), I only knew of this through hearsay. In the end I changed it, made up a new shanty for Rink to open with and added (a new translation of) Memories later in the chapter instead. As far as I'm concerned, most if not all of the One Piece opening/endings could exist as in-universe songs. I'll probably not use any others, but this one fit really well. I found a few different piano arrangements on Youtube, and found one that I thought was really good, by GabrielxCrescendo - and he gave me permission to feature it in the story so it's the one you can hear while you read that chapter. Isn't that nice?

However, I had still written a full English translation of Bink's Sake, heavily based on the translation of the song that appeared in the Swedish manga (credit to Simon Lundström). And as I am dedicated to my craft, I had made sure it was singable to the tune (of course, so is my English version of Memories). I doubt I'll actually use it in any chapter, so I'll include it here instead! As far as I am concerned, this is the canon version of the song in Pure Corruption, at least the version Rink knows - as it is said in One Piece to be an old song, I also kind of assume there might be multiple versions of it. But if Rink were to ever sing this song, these are the lyrics she'd use.

Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo

Every day, across the sea
is the life for you and me
and from Bink's, we get our drinks
the finest rum there is

We heed the call from far away
towards the sun we make our way
and the skies above our heads
are coloured by its kiss

Say farewell to home and friends
don't you worry how it ends
There's a time for pain and strife
but always time for life!

Rain and shine and storms you see
are no threat to you and me
Adventure and exciting days
and treasure will be rife!

We take the only path we can
we take our days without a plan
and from Bink's come our drinks
the finest mead you'll find

We'll go across the blues with ease
we'll go across the seven seas
We'll hoist the sails and raise our flag
all with a made-up mind

Crashing waves come rolling in
our supplies are running thin
But our spirit's riding high
and none can take us down

Weaklings will get left behind
cowards will be much maligned
Take your sorrows, cast them off
and let them slowly drown

Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo

When I traded home for sea
so much I could not foresee
when from Bink's I bought my drinks
the finest ale that's brewed

Will I ever go back there?
Will I have the life to spare?
I can only hope the sea
will have a friendly mood

While there's nothing I can do
I will laugh until I'm through
and from Bink's, I'll have my drinks
the finest wine of all

So enjoy the time you get
you're not in your grave just yet
and we'll always chase our dreams,
we'll chase them 'til we fall!

Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo
Yohohohooo, Yohohoohoo