Monthly Archives: March 2018

You guys deserve more status updates than I’m actually giving you

I know some of you still check in to see if there's something new. At least that's what the site stats tell me. So I figure I should let you know that things are still progressing, albeit slowly. So here's the current status of the upcoming four chapters (as it's when those are done I'll start publishing again - these will be updated when anything meaningful happens):

Chapter 040: Proofreading done, editing very nearly done
Chapter 041: Proofreading probably done, in the process of editing
Chapter 042: Something like 10-20% written, depending on what the final length will be
Chapter 043: Kind of weird because what was planned to be 043 might actually start in 042 and I won't know that until 042 is done

There's also always the matter of other things that I have to or want to do, but very soon I'm going to be completely done with the things I have to do that should technically be taking precedence over everything else including my Pure Corruption writing. Once that's done, I'm planning on starting to have a bit of a weekly schedule, where I devote one day specifically to Pure Corruption writing, so that should get things going much faster, or at least much more consistently. At least until I find a job, I suppose.

UPDATE: DONE WITH MY THESIS. Now that just needs to go through two rounds of proofreading, then my free time will suddenly exist in a much greater degree again.