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Finally, Chapter 024


So I had a few issues while writing this chapter. Some scenes just weren't coming out the way I wanted them. But now it's all done, and now it's here, you can go read Chapter 024: Team spirit (which, by the way, is a title I decided on technically after it had been published. It was briefly named Team effort, which even that was a title I had decided on less than half an hour ago. I didn't know what to call this chapter, because the title I had in mind for it ended up becoming the title of Chapter 025 instead). Again, apologies for the delay and I hope you enjoy reading this chapter more than I did writing it.

An unfortunate delay

Right, so I'm pretty convinced now that there won't be a chapter today. I ran out of my chapter buffer, and got a lot more things to do this week than I thought I would. Plus I hit a bit of a snag in writing the next chapter. I did get past that and I'm definitely finishing the chapter today, but I'm not publishing anything without having it go through proofreading first. And my proofreader/editor isn't always around at the weekends, so at this point in time, I can make no promises but I hope I'll be publishing it at the latest on Monday. So to all three of my fans, sorry 'bout that.

UPDATE: Nope. At this point, I'm just going to go ahead and say that the next update will be on Friday. So I missed a week. Hoping to make it up to you with a double update some time before this volume is over.

It wasn’t until I wrote Chapter 023 I wanted to be able to type a beli symbol

But alas, there was no way to do so, so you'll just have to read Chapter 023: Wanted (so yeah guess why I wanted, pun intended, that symbol) without one. I found a slightly more fancy B to use for it, though.

I was going to say something about nudity in Chapter 022 but it’s not even the first time

Maybe a little late but it's still Friday goddamnit

At least here. For another hour.

So, yeah, you can now go read Chapter 022: While the sun rises. It contains scenes with people in various states of undress. It's another chapter that kind of happened by accident, but I really like this one, if I'm allowed to say things like that.

Also why didn't anyone tell me the links to the last chapter on the Chapters page and Volume 03 page were wrong. Fixed now.

This wasn’t what Chapter 021 was actually supposed to be about

It's Friday and Friday means UPDATE so go read Chapter 021: Now that Kurita can live!

It's a bit of an interesting chapter, at least the process behind it. Because I had the chapter name before I wrote the actual chapter, and it was planned to be a chapter about something... and ended up becoming a chapter about something completely different, but the title still kind of fit. So that was fun.

Also, the Cast page was silently updated during the week. I still have some small tweaks to do to it but it's got more characters now. Buuuut there's some things missing that I can't do anything about... some character portraits. Because I can't draw worth shit. So, if any reader with actual drawing ability wants to help a guy out here...