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Chapter 019

Alright, delay is over, chapter is here, woo!

So the even longer title of Chapter 019: The night of the reunion and the day of the judgment is now published. This concludes Volume 02: The Kurita incident!

So there won't be a chapter on Friday, I'll be away at a con for more than half of this week and I want to get a bit more of a chapter buffer going before I start posting the next volume. Next volume will have less flashbacks and more action. Well, I guess there was no lack of action in this volume, but y'know.

My apologies…

Well, kept it up for surprisingly long for being me - but chapter 019 will not be posted today. I've been super busy this week, so it's not entirely finished, and it needs to go through the proofreading phase too and my guy for that hasn't been online this week as far as I've seen. It will be posted as soon as it's done and finalized, because I'm not going to rush it. Most likely is that it'll be posted early next week. Thanks for your time, and thanks to all of my readers.

Chapter 018


Still Friday!

Chapter 018: The day of the ceremony and the night of the storm (goddamn that's a long title) has been published!

Chapter 017


I'm sitting here watching Summer Games Done Quick and playing Kingdom of Loathing instead of writing as I should.

But I'm keeping to my promise, and as such, Chapter 017: The bigger they are is now published!