Alright I think my workflow is finally back

Yeah, I'm disappointed too.

It wasn't supposed to take this long to get back on track, but having to start using a whole new program, even if it is a better program—which it absolutely is—takes a bit to get used to. My submission process appears to have gained a step for reasons I'm not getting into here.

But at the very least this anniversary comes with Chapter 063: Cassandra, the following chapter is in the final editing process, and I finally figured out how to start the next chapter. I know what's going to happen in the chapter, but sometimes it takes surprisingly long to figure out a good and interesting way to actually get my characters there. Hoping to get into a writing flow again.

As usual, thank you for your patience, and I hope you want to keep reading One Piece: Pure Corruption (I should probably talk about that title some time, huh) for another year.


This year started so well

...and then things fell apart a bit. I'm finishing the year with an update—Chapter 062: A Celestial Dragon, which I hope you will enjoy—but I had really hoped to get another one in before December was over.

But, well, some things worked to prevent that. My workflow took a bit of a hit when the program I use to do my writing, after 10+ years of use, had some nasty changes for free accounts which would make it unusable for me going forward, and they removed any kind of reasonably prices licenses too. I did end up finding some workarounds, but I'm still looking to move everything over to another program, and any change like that is going to impact the workflow. And of course I was mad about it for a few days too. And even if I didn't do anything special for Christmas, I did end up coming down with a post-Christmas cold, draining my energy. I think I'm getting better at least.

So there you have it, at least I got that up, and I want to wish you all a slightly belated MERRY CHRISTMAS (or whatever you celebrate!) and a slightly early HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I will see you in 2024!


Lucky number seven

After the considerable delay from when it was supposed to be published it's finally here!

Volume 07: Feathers, and the first chapter in it, Chapter 061: Being a noble.

Gonna be some things in this volume I've planned for a very long time (which, to be honest, is true of pretty much every volume, but anyway).

So please enjoy!


So uh yeah

I'm not gonna pretend that the reason for the utter lack of activity here lately has been anything other than Tears of the Kingdom. From the moment I started playing it, it was reeeeeally hard to put down. But! I beat it last week, so now I'm writing again.

Just wanted to mention that.


…and then failed to hit my next goal

Well, I'm extremely ashamed to say there's no chapter to publish on today's anniversary. The chapter progess page is back in action, and it does look a bit dire, but it doesn't really tell the full story, because the next chapter isn't going to be one of the very long ones, and I don't think the following two are either. The most immediate one doesn't actually feel that far from being done and I have a very clear plan for the following one, and parts of the rest of the volume. Some dots remain to connect because I have arcs planned out and then when I reach them I find I need to figure out more things than I thought.

There are some other things that I do hope I'll be posting about rather soon, hopefully before the end of the month. I am also going to very much try to get the chapter published or at the absolute very least in proofreading before next month too. I don't even know how it didn't get finished. Well—partly I guess I do know. I can be easily distracted sometimes. And as I've mentioned before, the main crux is that Pure Corruption is a hobby project I make no money on, and so has to compete for my free time with other hobbies that also don't make me any money.

Ugh, I shouldn't be making excuses. I am in no way going to give up on Pure Corruption. I just need to get my priorities straight sometimes.

Plus I guess at least I'm making sure I don't stress out the chapters. That wouldn't work well.

So here's to another year.


Hit my goal!

So I never actually said it to anyone other than my proofreader/editor, but I had the ambition to get all of Volume 06 published before March was over. And guess what? I succeeded, because now Chapter 060: Debriefing, the final chapter of the volume, has been published. Woop!

Of course, I'm already working on the next volume too, and now there's gonna be a planned break for about six weeks—my intention is to start publishing the next volume on May 14th, the anniversary of Pure Corruption. So I hope to have multiple chapters done or close to done by then!

Hope you enjoy, and I'll see you in May!


Jubilations! Celebrations! And things like that.

It's almost worth throwing a Chapter 059: Parade over, even!

Ahem. Yes. Not only is the penultimate chapter of Volume 06 up, but the final chapter of the volume has entered the proofreading/editing process, so that one should not be far off either. So yeah Pure Corruption is already having a better year than the last one.



This chapter comes with a realization

The important part is that Chapter 058: Kickoff is published.

I struggled with this chapter for a long time. My summer job drained me (but I'm still going to apply for that summer job this year, because cash cash money), and then I just ended up in one of those situations where I had stared at the same chapter for so long that I drove myself mad over it. Eventually it all came together... and then some last-minute editing discussions delayed it further. I had hoped to get it published before 2023, but anyway. I'm noting that I only published two chapters in all of 2022 and I am incredibly embarrased over that.

If there's one thing I've really figured out now it is that I need to just stop obsessing over details. That's the one New Year's resolution I'm making for myself in 2023: When it comes to writing Pure Corruption, I'm going to stop trying to get every single little detail absolutely perfect. It's more important that I get the chapters done, obviously I won't just half-ass them, but I'm not going to let perfect be the enemy of good. The worst case scenario is that I in retrospect realize something needs to be fixed, and then I cna just... fix it. It's my story. My page. I'm never gonna do any big retcons, but I am open to fixing smaller details in post. Like we journalists do.

Looking over things, I also realized there's only two more chapters in this volume (barring having to split one for length), so the progress page has been fixed accordingly. The progress bar for 059 is honestly not really telling the full story, as the chapter is already almost done, and is just one important paragraph, some connective tissue, and one final coat of polish away from going to proofreading. So expect that soon. Ish.


What’s good for me is bad for Pure Corruption

I've worked more than usual over the last few months. Gotten more hours at my regular hourly thing. Working more days than I've done before. Not only that, I've gotten another job, which is starting as a summer temp job for 6-7 weeks, but I've spent two days there this week to prepare, and was told there are opportunities for me to come in some more days before I start the summer work period.

For me, this is great. My income hasn't been quite comfortable enough previously that I've had no money worries, but now it's absolutely getting to the point where it is.

But on the other foot, this does mean less free time. At my hourly employment, I often work Saturdays. I worked today, even. And the summer thing, and any extra days, is full-time—for me meaning a work day is from 08:30 to 17:15, not counting the commute.

This... has the unavoidable consequence of making Pure Corruption suffer. I've talked before about how since it's something I don't make any money from, it's a hobby, and has to compete for me free time with other things I also really want to do that I don't make any money from. Yes, I fully acknowledge this means that I might not have the full level of dedication to Pure Corruption that I wish I had. It's something I've tried working on, too.

But today's the birthday of both me and Pure Corruption. And while I failed you last year, this time, I've got a double for you. Both Chapter 056: Fire Water Burn and Chapter 057: Nooks and crannies have been published. Those two were originally one chapter, but it ran too long so I split it up.

Thanks to everyone who's still sticking with me, and I'm still adamant about seeing this project through.

Until next time!


In under the wire!

With less than five hours left of 2021 in my time zone, I decided to give you one last classic Friday update of the year. I have now published Chapter 055: Archer girl. The next two chapters are also in proofreading (it used to be one chapter, but had to be split, soooo), so they should come soon enough.

2021 has been a fairly good year for Pure Corruption. I don't actually know how many chapters I ended up publishing, but we finally got actual art of Rink, and the audiobooks started as well. The future is bright, I'd say!

And with that, there's not much left for me to do other than wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, and hope that you'll want to stick with Pure Corruption for yet another year!