One Piece: Pure Corruption is a One Piece fanfic with ambitions. Pure Corruption started out as an attempt at a forum RP on the Kaizoku-Fansubs forum, fell into inactivity, was attempted to be revived - rebooted, really - but didn't get far. But I had many ideas for it that I didn't want to let go, and there were characters that I really liked, so I decided to turn it into a story on my own. And that's what you're reading now.

The events of Pure Corruption takes place before the main events of One Piece, and no real foreknowledge about the series is required if you want to read this fanfic. But why would you read a One Piece fanfic if you weren't a One Piece fan?


With special thanks to:

Eiichiro Oda for One Piece, of course.

Simon Lundström for the Swedish translation of the manga upon which a lot of my One Piece terminology rests, even when put into English. That's why some of my English terms might not be what you're used to.

Kaizoku-Fansubs forums for being the place where it all started.

Jason Wang for being the original instigator of the RP, as well as primary participators David Cablk, Julia Kung and Steve. Thanks to all four of them for providing characters too - who's responsible for who can be found on the character profile pages. And of course, thanks to  everyone else involved with the RP attempts as well, even if I forgot your names or didn't use your characters!

Samuel J. Bennighof, David Cablk and Tim Kendzior for proofreading and feedback.

#shrinemaiden for stuff about Japanese things.

#nuzlocketalk for company with other fanfiction-writing nerds.

RushJet1 for his Mega Man stuff that I have been listening to a lot while working on the story and webpage (check it out!).


Contact the author

All your questions, hate mail and totally legit business proposals can be sent to the author using the e-mail address of corruption@next-era.net (isn't that convenient?). You can also click here if you can use mailto: links.

You can also locate me on IRC under the nick KennyMan666, on Quakenet or Rizon. Or a few others, but I assume those two are the ones people who'd read this would go to.


A disclaimer

Because this story is posted in three different places, things might occur that cause minor differences between them. If I go back and edit some earlier chapter - in which case it would be very minor edits, such as minorly rewording a line that sounded weird, or fixing a long-missed typo, or changing a term, or something that doesn't have any bearing on the story - I'm likely to change it here and on dA, but FF.net's interface is so horrible that I probably won't do anything about it there. And even then, there are certain things I might want to do with the story and its text that is possible here, but not on dA. So, in any case where there are any kind of differences between the three versions, the one that's on this website should always be considered the most canonical version.