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James Conrad

A traveler from West Blue who came to Avasine in seach for people to travel with, and got more than what he bargained for. Built his own boat.

Mirise Lake

The adopted daughter of Avasine's mayor, she came with James as the navigator of Cassandra. Very cheerful and bubbly, but with some odd abilities.

Rink Kazai

The so-called magic voice of Avasine, who decided to travel with James to get some excitement and variety back into her life. Friendly, but with reservations.


Markus Flint

A doctor with a low tolerance for injustice, who puts others before himself. Willing to go to extreme measures if required.


A girl who doesn't show a lot of her emotions, but nonetheless is a friend of Markus Flint. Doesn't want to talk about anything that happened in her life before they met.

Allen Roland

A wanted man that joined Cassandra after being freed from the Marine base W4, but without explaining why he was imprisoned. A strong fighter that can turn into a hyena.


A fishman and apothecary from the Grand Line. Came to West Blue with a research team and temporarily parted ways with them, but they never returned.



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