Monthly Archives: November 2016

Without much fanfare, but…

So... hi.

Well, let's get one thing over with right away - no new chapter today.

But today deserves special mention, because today is the sixth month anniversary of Pure Corruption. (and of course I spent so long getting this message posted that it's already the 15th over here.)

Half a year, it's been live. 25 chapters in half a year. It's a bit less than I had wanted, but life kinda got in the way, especially recently. But I'm working on it. I'm currently doing internship at a magazine as the first semester of my master's degree in journalism, and there's a deadline approaching, to lots of stuff to do right now.

The next chapter is pretty close to being done, really. I wanted to have it done last week, but... didn't happen. The US election results made me legit mad to the point where I couldn't concentrate on anything for a bit. To all my US fans, if I have any, my condoleances about your country and I hope you'll do well in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the next four years will be for you. Tap into your inner Kenshiro.

So anyway.

I want to extend a big thank you to all of you that's been with me for the first half year, and a special-er thanks to my trusted proofreader David Cablk.

I wanted to give you more for this milestone, but I'll leave you with one thing that really should have been on the site already - I've been working on a Gallery page, but I haven't worked out a layout I actually like for it yet. So here's a coloured portrait of Muse, actually a coloured version of the picture that her Cast page picture has been cut from. The portrait was drawn by David Cablk's wife, Miranda Cablk. (Click on the thumbnail for the full size version.)

I certainly hope you'll be with me for at least another six months, and that I'll have more free time to write soon!

Sten Magnus "KennyMan666" von Goës Karlström