Alright I think my workflow is finally back

Yeah, I'm disappointed too.

It wasn't supposed to take this long to get back on track, but having to start using a whole new program, even if it is a better program—which it absolutely is—takes a bit to get used to. My submission process appears to have gained a step for reasons I'm not getting into here.

But at the very least this anniversary comes with Chapter 063: Cassandra, the following chapter is in the final editing process, and I finally figured out how to start the next chapter. I know what's going to happen in the chapter, but sometimes it takes surprisingly long to figure out a good and interesting way to actually get my characters there. Hoping to get into a writing flow again.

As usual, thank you for your patience, and I hope you want to keep reading One Piece: Pure Corruption (I should probably talk about that title some time, huh) for another year.


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