An unfortunate delay

Right, so I'm pretty convinced now that there won't be a chapter today. I ran out of my chapter buffer, and got a lot more things to do this week than I thought I would. Plus I hit a bit of a snag in writing the next chapter. I did get past that and I'm definitely finishing the chapter today, but I'm not publishing anything without having it go through proofreading first. And my proofreader/editor isn't always around at the weekends, so at this point in time, I can make no promises but I hope I'll be publishing it at the latest on Monday. So to all three of my fans, sorry 'bout that.

UPDATE: Nope. At this point, I'm just going to go ahead and say that the next update will be on Friday. So I missed a week. Hoping to make it up to you with a double update some time before this volume is over.

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