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This wasn’t what Chapter 021 was actually supposed to be about

It's Friday and Friday means UPDATE so go read Chapter 021: Now that Kurita can live!

It's a bit of an interesting chapter, at least the process behind it. Because I had the chapter name before I wrote the actual chapter, and it was planned to be a chapter about something... and ended up becoming a chapter about something completely different, but the title still kind of fit. So that was fun.

Also, the Cast page was silently updated during the week. I still have some small tweaks to do to it but it's got more characters now. Buuuut there's some things missing that I can't do anything about... some character portraits. Because I can't draw worth shit. So, if any reader with actual drawing ability wants to help a guy out here...

Volume 03! Chapter 020! More exciting news post titles!

Thank you for waiting! Slightly longer delay than I was hoping for, but I wanted to complete more chapters so I'd have a chapter buffer so I can ensure weekly updates for at least a little bit, plus I've started my internship for the semester now so that's been eating a bit of my time. Anyway!

Volume the third, Standing united, has arrived. It's the volume that, if I might be so bold, I believe really sets the tone of what Pure Corruption is meant to be. And this starts right away, in Chapter 020: Conquer, now available for your reading pleasure!

I was intending to update the cast page when starting to publish a new volume too, but it's not quite done yet. Expect it soon-ish.

Chapter 019

Alright, delay is over, chapter is here, woo!

So the even longer title of Chapter 019: The night of the reunion and the day of the judgment is now published. This concludes Volume 02: The Kurita incident!

So there won't be a chapter on Friday, I'll be away at a con for more than half of this week and I want to get a bit more of a chapter buffer going before I start posting the next volume. Next volume will have less flashbacks and more action. Well, I guess there was no lack of action in this volume, but y'know.

Chapter 018


Still Friday!

Chapter 018: The day of the ceremony and the night of the storm (goddamn that's a long title) has been published!

Chapter 017


I'm sitting here watching Summer Games Done Quick and playing Kingdom of Loathing instead of writing as I should.

But I'm keeping to my promise, and as such, Chapter 017: The bigger they are is now published!

Chapter 016

Well, looks like it only took half a week for me to break that "new chapter every Friday" part... because you're getting a chapter today instead! Because I'm going to be away from Thursday to Sunday, and I really don't want to post an update when I'm only on my netbook (it's not a huge amount of work, but it would be so much more of a hassle on the netbook, trust me), I decided I'd just publish early instead.

So you can go read Chapter 016: A man of his word now!

Chapter 015

There we go, Chapter 015: Office meeting is up! Enjoy.

Also, I said I wouldn't make any promises, and I stand by that - but, my intention is that at least until the end of this volume, I will post a new chapter every Friday. Then there might be a slightly longer break before the next volume but we shall see about that.

Chapter 013, Chapter 014 and one-month anniversary

Well, I was intending to post a chapter last week, but that ended up not happening due to a variety of other projects colliding. So I hope to make that up to you with today's double update! Chapter 013: Galt and Chapter 014: Divide have both now been published for you.

And more (?) importantly, today is the official one month anniversary of Pure Corruption! It feels like longer to me, honestly, but yes - it's been one month since I on my birthday launched the site, posted the first volume, got things going on deviantArt and slightly later started posting it on too. So far, the page here has gotten 84 views - a humble beginning! Over at there's been 99 views from 50-something visitors (the stats page on is a goddamn mess). On dA I'd have to count each chapter's views manually and I'm not doing that, but I've already gotten some favourites over there.

So I wish to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has been following it so far, and I hope you'll continue following as the story progresses!


Chapter 011

Well, I had hoped to have this posted earlier, but here we go. Chapter 011: Grasping the opportunity is now up. Enjoy!

Volume 02, Chapter 010 and cast page

How time flies! It's been almost a week, and while it's been a bit of a modest week, there's already been a few watchers and favourites and stuff in various places.

So, now we continue on with the second volume, The Kurita incident, starting with Chapter 010: Stop. With this, there's also been another addition to the site - a cast page with slightly more information about the main trio. Also pictures of at least two of them! If you're new, I do not recommend reading this until you've read the posted chapters, as it might have spoilers otherwise - it's essentially meant to be that page at the start of each One Piece volume that presents characters and stuff, so the state of that page as of right now should be thought of as that page for volume two. I'm intending to update that page at least at the start of each volume (as far as that's necessary).