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And after a long week, Volume 04 and Chapter 030 have arrived

So I spent a lot of time at universtiry this week, didn't really get the writing that I wanted to get done done, but I wanted to update now anyway! I've got another weekend without deadlines now so y'know.

So yes. Volume 04: On the run is here, and with it, Chapter 030: Always. Do enjoy!

One day there will be a chapter not delayed by dumb last minute details but Chapter 029 is not that chapter

But at least Chapter 029: Someone to protect is live now, and with that, Volume 03: Standing united comes to a close. I might take a one week break before the next volume starts, but I also might not. There's a bunch of factors involved in whether or not I'll do that. I'll post about it next Friday either way.

So enjoy! Personally I have a lot of stuff going on right now. In a pretty intense period of my studies, so right now writing time isn't at a premium for me.

Because language is hard, Chapter 028 was delayed by almost 1½ hours

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

But yes, finally there's some action to be had in Chapter 028: Marine Commander Roth of W4!

And that thing I said about less writing time? Turns out lunch hour is actually great writing time when you don't go out to lunch. Only one chapter left in this volume, and it just needs some small final edits to be done. Yay!

Chapter 027, actually, has even more talking

But I can promise we're at least getting somewhere, and next week the action definitely kicks off. For now, you can read Chapter 027: Jailbreak.

Final semester of my master's starts on Monday, but I got a few week's worth of chapters even if I'm going to have less writing time. Volume 03 is going to be fully published before the end of the month. Look forward to it.

And with Chapter 026, we’re back in business

Almost exactly three months since the previous chapter, a new chapter is finally here!

Yes, believe it or not - but Chapter 026: A dangerous prisoner is up. Go read it! Yay! Okay, so it's kind of a talky chapter. Action will ensue later. And lots of it.

With that I've got good news and... well, also good news, actually: Assuming my proofreader gets the chapters back to me at a constant rate we're going to be back to weekly updates (every Friday!) for at least a little while (definitely until the end of the current volume, and probably a little longer), and the other good news is connected to that since me and David (that's my proofreader. Say hi to David, everyone) have streamlined the process slightly. Very slightly. So slight you're not going to notice any of it.


Also, don't forget to catch Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, a speedrun marathon for charity. Starts on Sunday.

The good news is that Chapter 025 is here…

...the bad news is that I'm officially no longer going to stay on a consistent updating schedule.

But first things first - Chapter 025: W4 (which is probably going to stay the shortest chapter title for qute a while) is up for your reading pleasure, so please go ahead and read it.

And then there's the matter of the updates. I really wanted to stick to weekly updates. I really, really did. Even had a certain day of the week to do it too. But I have significantly less free time now than I used to, and I do have other things I want to do with my spare time as well. So from now on, new chapters will be released on a strict "when it's done (and has been proofread)" basis. We're officially past the halfway point of this volume, anyway, and I hope you want to stick around anyway!

Finally, Chapter 024


So I had a few issues while writing this chapter. Some scenes just weren't coming out the way I wanted them. But now it's all done, and now it's here, you can go read Chapter 024: Team spirit (which, by the way, is a title I decided on technically after it had been published. It was briefly named Team effort, which even that was a title I had decided on less than half an hour ago. I didn't know what to call this chapter, because the title I had in mind for it ended up becoming the title of Chapter 025 instead). Again, apologies for the delay and I hope you enjoy reading this chapter more than I did writing it.

It wasn’t until I wrote Chapter 023 I wanted to be able to type a beli symbol

But alas, there was no way to do so, so you'll just have to read Chapter 023: Wanted (so yeah guess why I wanted, pun intended, that symbol) without one. I found a slightly more fancy B to use for it, though.

I was going to say something about nudity in Chapter 022 but it’s not even the first time

Maybe a little late but it's still Friday goddamnit

At least here. For another hour.

So, yeah, you can now go read Chapter 022: While the sun rises. It contains scenes with people in various states of undress. It's another chapter that kind of happened by accident, but I really like this one, if I'm allowed to say things like that.

Also why didn't anyone tell me the links to the last chapter on the Chapters page and Volume 03 page were wrong. Fixed now.

This wasn’t what Chapter 021 was actually supposed to be about

It's Friday and Friday means UPDATE so go read Chapter 021: Now that Kurita can live!

It's a bit of an interesting chapter, at least the process behind it. Because I had the chapter name before I wrote the actual chapter, and it was planned to be a chapter about something... and ended up becoming a chapter about something completely different, but the title still kind of fit. So that was fun.

Also, the Cast page was silently updated during the week. I still have some small tweaks to do to it but it's got more characters now. Buuuut there's some things missing that I can't do anything about... some character portraits. Because I can't draw worth shit. So, if any reader with actual drawing ability wants to help a guy out here...