Welcome to September

So. Hi.

The chapter progress page moved a lot for a bit, then slowed down. Chapter 046 has been at three and a half fruits for a bit. That's a half-truth, though - the chapter is basically finished as it is, it's not going to go over 3500 words, and I'm editing some stuff before sending it off to proofreading. Though I already have two chapters in that phase, and I don't want to give my proofreader too many chapters at once.

But I'm also considering if I, for reasons I'm obviously not spoiling, might have to do some rewrites of chapters 045 and 046. I need to discuss it with my proofreader too. I've been... not quite agonizing over it, but I keep second-guessing myself about it. Which is a reason things have not been super productive lately. Hopefully I'll get to publishing soon!


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