One day there will be a chapter not delayed by dumb last minute details but Chapter 029 is not that chapter

But at least Chapter 029: Someone to protect is live now, and with that, Volume 03: Standing united comes to a close. I might take a one week break before the next volume starts, but I also might not. There's a bunch of factors involved in whether or not I'll do that. I'll post about it next Friday either way.

So enjoy! Personally I have a lot of stuff going on right now. In a pretty intense period of my studies, so right now writing time isn't at a premium for me.

Because language is hard, Chapter 028 was delayed by almost 1½ hours

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

But yes, finally there's some action to be had in Chapter 028: Marine Commander Roth of W4!

And that thing I said about less writing time? Turns out lunch hour is actually great writing time when you don't go out to lunch. Only one chapter left in this volume, and it just needs some small final edits to be done. Yay!

Chapter 027, actually, has even more talking

But I can promise we're at least getting somewhere, and next week the action definitely kicks off. For now, you can read Chapter 027: Jailbreak.

Final semester of my master's starts on Monday, but I got a few week's worth of chapters even if I'm going to have less writing time. Volume 03 is going to be fully published before the end of the month. Look forward to it.

And with Chapter 026, we’re back in business

Almost exactly three months since the previous chapter, a new chapter is finally here!

Yes, believe it or not - but Chapter 026: A dangerous prisoner is up. Go read it! Yay! Okay, so it's kind of a talky chapter. Action will ensue later. And lots of it.

With that I've got good news and... well, also good news, actually: Assuming my proofreader gets the chapters back to me at a constant rate we're going to be back to weekly updates (every Friday!) for at least a little while (definitely until the end of the current volume, and probably a little longer), and the other good news is connected to that since me and David (that's my proofreader. Say hi to David, everyone) have streamlined the process slightly. Very slightly. So slight you're not going to notice any of it.


Also, don't forget to catch Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, a speedrun marathon for charity. Starts on Sunday.

Happy New Year!

Well - over here in my timezone, it's already 2017. May not be for some of you who read this, but I doubt anyone checks this page on New Year's Eve.

So I said that anything that got completed in 2016 would get published in 2016. Well, it did. It's just that none of the currently five chapters that are in the hands of my proofreader reached that status. I certainly put no blame on him, around the holidays is always like that, so.

Well, at least progress is being made and a new chapter should come up soon - and then I'll be back to weekly updates for at least a little while.

So I hope you'll want to stick with me and Pure Corruption through the next year as well - even if it's gonna be a bad year for the world.

So - a very Happy New Year to all of you, from all of the Pure Corruption crew! Which, well, is kind of only me. And my proofreader, I guess. But still.

And a very Pure Corruption Christmas to you

Christmas Eve is here, and over here in Swedenland that's the day of celebrations. So I figured I'd extend the season's greetings to all of my fans! That's right, all four of you. Holiday writing  has kept on trucking and the status of the next four chapters are that two are done and in the hands of my proofreader, one is half done and one is very almost done. So, your waiting is almost over! With one week left in the year, I promise that anything that reaches a status of completed - that is, fully written and has gone through the proofreading/editing process - this year will also get published this year. To make up for the fact that I haven't posted any new chapters since October. It'll be my Christmas/New Year's present to you all.

So from all of me, to all of you,  a very Merry Christmas! Or whatever holiday it is that you celebrate. Happy Holidays!

Edit: And, fittingly enough, my Secret Santa on a Swedish gaming forum got me a One Piece scheduling calendar thing. This probably won't have any impact on my Pure Corruption publishing schedule.


Holiday times are good writing times.

Nothing new's been published and definitely won't be until I'm back at my real computer sometime between Christmas and New Year's, BUT writing has resumed in full force  - not one, but TWO chapters are now in the hands of my proofreader/editor and the next two, which are the ones that'll wrap up the current volume, are well underway. Depending on what the next few days look like for me, volume 3 might even be done before 2017. If not, it'll be fairly early in 2017.


Where I’m at

Well - I figure I should give you guys a status update once in a while.

First, the good news is that I'm approaching the end of my internship - I have no more deadlines, no more articles to write. In fact, I only have one single task remaining, which is the new website for the magazine I'm doing my internship at. Technically my internship ends at the end of next week - I started August 15th, and it's only supposed to be four months - but I'm not going to let go of working on the website until I'm satisifed with it. Then I've got two assignments before the end of the first semester of the master's degree, which is at the end of January. After that... I think it's time for me to start working on my master's thesis. That sure is going to be a thing.

The... well, I'm not calling it bad news, but news about things that interferes with Pure Corruption: Since it's December, I have another writing project going, where I over at a Swedish gaming forum post a text every day of the month (it's in the form of an advent calendar, go figure) where I sum up my gaming year. And then there's all the other stuff surrounding Christmas...

...and, uh, I got Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for the PSVita last Friday. I've been kind of playing a lot of that.

I have every intention of getting at least one more chapter posted before 2017. It's actually almost done, but I'm not satisfied with parts of it. But soon I can start working on it in a more focused way.

So that's about it for now. Hope you'll stick around.

Without much fanfare, but…

So... hi.

Well, let's get one thing over with right away - no new chapter today.

But today deserves special mention, because today is the sixth month anniversary of Pure Corruption. (and of course I spent so long getting this message posted that it's already the 15th over here.)

Half a year, it's been live. 25 chapters in half a year. It's a bit less than I had wanted, but life kinda got in the way, especially recently. But I'm working on it. I'm currently doing internship at a magazine as the first semester of my master's degree in journalism, and there's a deadline approaching, to lots of stuff to do right now.

The next chapter is pretty close to being done, really. I wanted to have it done last week, but... didn't happen. The US election results made me legit mad to the point where I couldn't concentrate on anything for a bit. To all my US fans, if I have any, my condoleances about your country and I hope you'll do well in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the next four years will be for you. Tap into your inner Kenshiro.

So anyway.

I want to extend a big thank you to all of you that's been with me for the first half year, and a special-er thanks to my trusted proofreader David Cablk.

I wanted to give you more for this milestone, but I'll leave you with one thing that really should have been on the site already - I've been working on a Gallery page, but I haven't worked out a layout I actually like for it yet. So here's a coloured portrait of Muse, actually a coloured version of the picture that her Cast page picture has been cut from. The portrait was drawn by David Cablk's wife, Miranda Cablk. (Click on the thumbnail for the full size version.)

I certainly hope you'll be with me for at least another six months, and that I'll have more free time to write soon!

Sten Magnus "KennyMan666" von Goës Karlström

The good news is that Chapter 025 is here…

...the bad news is that I'm officially no longer going to stay on a consistent updating schedule.

But first things first - Chapter 025: W4 (which is probably going to stay the shortest chapter title for qute a while) is up for your reading pleasure, so please go ahead and read it.

And then there's the matter of the updates. I really wanted to stick to weekly updates. I really, really did. Even had a certain day of the week to do it too. But I have significantly less free time now than I used to, and I do have other things I want to do with my spare time as well. So from now on, new chapters will be released on a strict "when it's done (and has been proofread)" basis. We're officially past the halfway point of this volume, anyway, and I hope you want to stick around anyway!